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Suzuki have announced the arrival of two new Scooters

The new Address & Avenis 125

The new Address receives a rounded LED headlight and plush seat add a retro flair to the new
Address’ styling, finished with chrome-plated accents. The Address oozes style. The retro look
extends to a large analogue speedometer, while modern convenience comes courtesy of a
digital display, showcasing additional information, including the Suzuki Eco Drive Illumination
which helps encourage and achieve economical riding, with the Address 125 capable of
achieving 148.6mpg.
The new, 124cc single-cylinder engine efficient and economical, thanks to Suzuki's Eco
Performance (SEP) technology which optimises and balances fuel economy and performance,
it delivers strong torque in the low-mid rpm ranges for quick acceleration. Peak torque is
10Nm at 5,500 rpm, with peak power 8.7PS at 6,750rpm.
Spacious under-seat storage with dual utility hooks plus an up front storage pocket, housing a
handy USB socket, bring the practicality, while comfort comes from a flat, well-padded seat
and broad footboards.

Address 125

The new Avenis 125 will further expand Suzuki’s scooter range and provide a sportier offering.
Wrapped around the same punchy-yet-efficient single cylinder engine is sharp, angular
bodywork. Slightly longer, wider, and taller than the Address, the Avenis stands out in a crowd 

with striking road presence, with its aggressive form, LED headlights and tail lights and two-
tone graphics.
A full LCD display keeps the rider informed, and, like the Address, features the Suzuki Eco
Drive Indicator, to help riders extract maximum efficiency and achieve an impressive
148.6mpg. In addition to under-seat storage and a storage pocket, there are also handy
storage compartments up front. 

Avenis 125

Pricing is of course still to be confirmed but like all Suzuki models you can be assured of
value led retail pricing. We're expecting these bikes to be available in October but we will update you when we have a confirmed date from Suzuki.